Not a bug  Adding reply to multi-page thread does not update page number


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I think i've found a bugette...

  • Find a multiple page thread.
  • When you are at the bottom of the first page reply to the thread.
  • The new post is added but the page number still shows page 1 when it really should be the last page in that thread.
Hope this helps you understand...


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This isn't a bug.
The reply is inserted using Ajax and the page isn't refreshed.

If you manually refresh the page, you will see that the reply has been added to the end of the thread, with the correct page number.


I think we had several bug reports because of this and most of the time i find this annoying too
What about "hiding" the pagination links after the quick reply was inserted?


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I just find it odd because it shows the latest post I just added and the posts before that but those are the posts on the final page of the topic, not the page of the topic I replied on so personally feel that this IS a bug.