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XF 1.4 Thread does not update if quick reply post would start a new page in thread


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This is a strange bug that is affecting my forum over the last couple of days. I have not changed anything on the forum so does not appear to be connected to any plugin or theme. Though I have tried it after disabling all add-ons and that has not helped.

Supposedly the thread already has 10 (or multiples of 10) posts. I use quick reply to make a new post in the thread that would basically add a new page to the thread. The editor gives up after a few seconds. Thread is not updated. But the post is indeed made in the background. If the user tries to post again, it results in double post.

I am on Dreamhost and I have a feeling that their MySQL server assigned to me is overloaded. Can this be the reason? Any suggestions would be helpful.


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I wouldn't expect server issues if it's specific to when a new page would be created. My guess is something involving add-ons or template modifications -- inserting unexpected HTML could potentially trigger an issue like this.


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Turns out, xf does not appear to like async google adsense code in the ad_message_body template. New post (added using quick reply) fails to appear even on the same page if there is an async ad code placed in the ad_message_body! Tried it on default template and was able to replicate the issue. My ad block had a if statement in place to only load the code in the first post of the thread. Thus I was only noticing the issue when a new page was added to the thread.

Switching to old version of the adsense code worked for me. Thanks!

Example Google AdSense code that uses async: https://pastebin.com/9GFSdxZy

Mr Lucky

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