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As designed Reply on multi-page thread post order fail

When you reply to a multi-page thread, say 5 pages long, on other than the last page, ie. page 3 of 5, the new reply appears at the bottom of the page 3, in the middle of the reply stream, instead of redirecting you to the last page where the new reply lives.

I can't tell if it's a feature or a bug but I expect to be shown my reply after posting in it's correct location within the thread. Seeing it on page 3 and then later on page 5 is weird.


Well-known member
I think this is as designed but I agree, THIS SUCKS.

After the reply is posted you should be redirected automatically to the last page where your reply is.


Well-known member
This is the designed behavior. It shows the last 4 posts in context, but informs you there are more than that in there.