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XF 1.4 Can I display All Pages from a multi-page Thread?

Question 1:

Is there URL syntax that will allow me to display all-pages from a multi-page thread? For example, I have a thread that is 12-pages long. I'd like to display all of the posts in a single page.

I see that page-2 syntax is as follows:


I tried the following, but it didn't work:


Is there another way to do this?

Question 2:

As the forum moderator, I'd like to copy this 12-page thread to another sub-forum on my domain. But currently, I can only move the entire thread, or copy the posts page-by-page. I'd like to be able to "select-all" of the posts and then copy them all to another sub-forum in 1-step. Is that possible?

Of course, if I can display all of the posts on a single page, then I can simply "select-all" as moderator and copy them to another sub-forum, which is why I asked Question No. 1. :)