Cannot reproduce Added new resource did a search not there


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Affected version
XF2 2.0.0
I just added the Ask a question v1.0 (for XF2) and went to search for it and it's not in the results.

It's certainly there now.

Likely nothing to be too worried about, may have just been a temporary delay in inserting the data into Elasticsearch.
Not sure, but it doesn't seem typical. I've tested a few brand newly inserted posts and they've been there straight away.

If it happens again, let us know.
I searched only for "forum statistics" and still not showing. If I search for "forum statistics plus" then it shows.
So I clear my browsers history (everything) then quit Firefox. I restart Firefox and do a new search for "Forum statistics" and "Forum statistics plus" does not show.
If I don't click the Resources tab and just use the search with the titles checked it works fine that way. So the issue is only when the Resources tab is clicked and then searching for resources only is selected.
We do cache search results for a period of time -- basically, if you repeat the same search over and over, you'll see the same results for a bit. I'm guessing that you did the search before you posted the resource.

(XF1 did the same thing.)
If you were a guest in that browser, your user-specific cache wouldn't apply. There may also be some other reasons why the search is not 100% identical for caching purposes.
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