Search c.type/c.content allows skipping a search handler's getTypePermissionConstraints


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When a search has a valid search handler, and c.type or c.content are used , XenForo does not validate that they are covered by getSearchableContentTypes.

This allows constructing a query which likely side-steps getTypePermissionConstraints for those types.

For example: example search.

This will lack the normal node visibility checks that a post/thread search would have.

The problem is in prepareSearchQuery which handles these arguments separately (likely predating getTypePermissionConstraints being added like XF1.x had):
protected function prepareSearchQuery(array $data, &$urlConstraints = [])
    if ($input['search_type'] && $searcher->isValidContentType($input['search_type']))
        $typeHandler = $searcher->handler($input['search_type']);
        $query->forTypeHandler($typeHandler, $searchRequest, $urlConstraints);
    if ($input['c.content'])
    else if ($input['c.type'])

These arguments should also only be evaluated if there is a valid search handler, and the value is a member of getSearchableContentTypes

XF still does canView validation php-side, but this can result in more results being filtered out and which displays less results than expected to the end-user.
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