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Add-on Add/Remove fonts and more.

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by Barbossa, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Barbossa

    Barbossa Active Member

    Hi there, I need to get those done,
    1. This.
    2. Tweaking this.
    3. On/off option from admin panel including little tweak for this.
    For further details/Questions, please PM with your quotation. :)
  2. Aayush

    Aayush Well-Known Member

    In js/bb_code_edit.js
                    Arial: "arial,helvetica,sans-serif",
                    "Book Antiqua": "'book antiqua',palatino,serif",
                    "Courier New": "'courier new',courier,monospace",
                    Georgia: "georgia,palatino,serif",
                    Tahoma: "tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif",
                    "Times New Roman": "'times new roman',times,serif",
                    "Trebuchet MS": "'trebuchet ms',geneva,sans-serif",
                    Verdana: "verdana,geneva,sans-serif",
                    Helvetica: "Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif"
                }, function (a, b) {
                    h[a] = {
                        title: a,
                        callback: g,
                        style: "font-family: " + b
    I added Helvetica Font. See the syntax and change it as per your needs. This is the easiest way for adding custom fonts.

    Note: This is the uncompressed version.
  3. Barbossa

    Barbossa Active Member

    You mean, I can use our own Bengali fonts there?
  4. Aayush

    Aayush Well-Known Member

    Yeah, You just need to make sure that you import the font in HTML or CSS. Otherwise the site wouldn't appear correctly for people not having the correct Bengali font.
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  5. Barbossa

    Barbossa Active Member

    And how to import the font in HTML or CSS?
  6. Aayush

    Aayush Well-Known Member

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  7. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    Or if you are running a VPS you could peruse this resource. It even has an update on editing the JS for the editor to allow additional fonts (and has info on a problem by doing that that presents itself).

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