Add Cloud Storage?


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I am thinking of switching from Phpbb to xenforo but would like to know if it is possible to add BackBlaze B2 as storage for attachments? I am currently using the demo but don't see any settings for this. I looked at some addons, but they are paid, and I'm not sure if they would work or are what I'm looking for. Any advice would be helpful.


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It's possible but it's not enabled out of the box, so it would require some custom work similar to what is required for S3.


Anthony Parsons

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Or just use Linode with their block storage. Much simpler, faster too, than using a third party to pull attachments.



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block storage is available at other hosts as well. digitalocean has it for instance. there are performance and reliability benefits. but it is not really worth it to migrate to one of these platforms if you are already happy with your existing host. self managed hosting solutions can be a pain if you are running a popular website.

one another benefit of using s3/b2 type service is that migration from one platform to another is pretty straightforward. moving your forum files and database is a pretty simple experience if all your heavy data is already offloaded to a third party service that you can continue to use after moving to a new host.