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Steve Freides

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Background: I have a new Members Only section of my forum. I created my forum section, made it a Private Node, and I have given full rights (Allow everything) to the group Registered. This is working as it should.

What I have now: When someone browses our forum without logging in, they cannot see the Members Only section because I have made it a Private Node. I want them to see it exists but not see a list of posts nor the content of any posts.

Problem: If I don't make it a Private Node, people who aren't logged in can see the section and see all its content, which I don't want.

Question: How can I accomplish this? I did try one thing - I gave full Allow to the group Verified, which people get into via a User Promotion after their first post. But this approach denies seeing the forum's existence to people who have registered (are in Registered) but haven't posted yet, and I don't want that.

Thanks in advance.

Give the unregistered group permission to "View node" but none of the other permissions.
I hadn't noticed that there is a group called "Unregistered / Unconfirmed (Guest)"

Thank you - that should do what I want - I will try it now, hang on ...

Perfect! I clicked "Revoke" at the top to revoke everything, then "Allow" for View Node, and it seems to do just what I need.

Thanks again.

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