XF 1.5 How to create a new section that is only readable by first time visitors ?


Current setup:
At the moment I have a forum that is only available to confirmed customers who have bought
products via Paypal OR Bank Wire transfer. They have registered themselves but have NO access until I add them manually to the usergroup "Customer". They can then read and write in all the sections/forums.

But now I want to create a new "section" where the same group have the same priviliges. The only difference is that it is NOT invisible to non customers who visits the forum. If someone who are not part of the forum today visits it they will see nothing. I want anyone visiting this new "section" I intend to setup to be able to read but not post anything. And no need to register. What is the simplest way to do this ?

I tried to find similar info in the forum but couldnt find it so I thought I have to start a new thread.


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I mean a forum default settings they can see it. Remove the ability to create threads and to reply to threads by others. Don't use the setting that prevents additional groups from gaining permission. Forget what it's called but basically a difference between revoke and deny or no.