1. CMTV

    XF 2.0 <xf:radiorow class attribute is not working

    In public templates class="..." attribute is not working for <xf:radiorow tag. For example this code: <xf:radiorow class="js-mathTypeSwitcher" name="math-type"> <xf:option value="inline">{{ phrase('Math_inline') }}</xf:option> <xf:option value="block">{{ phrase('Math_block')...
  2. Yugensoft

    XF 2.0 Using admin template on public side

    Hi, I want to use admin:forum_selection_macros in a public template I get this error: "admin:forum_selection_macros is unknown (src\XF\Template\Templater.php:564)" It's trying to get the template from code_cache\templates\I1\s1\admin, which doesn't exist (only ...\public exists). How do I...
  3. Mikael Jaderberg

    XF 1.5 How to create a new section that is only readable by first time visitors ?

    Hi, 1 Current setup: At the moment I have a forum that is only available to confirmed customers who have bought products via Paypal OR Bank Wire transfer. They have registered themselves but have NO access until I add them manually to the usergroup "Customer". They can then read and write in...