How To Create a Read-Only Forum Section

I have a section of my forum I would like to be read-only. Under Forum Options, I can disallow Create New Threads but there is no similar option to disallow Create Replies.

My current solution is to revoke the ability to reply in the Permissions for the group Registered for this forum, but that's not a terribly clean, IMHO - it would be nice if both things could be managed in one place, or there was simply an option to make a node completely read-only.


Thanks in advance.

What's messy is that my users see "You have insufficient privileges to reply here" - I'd like that to go away, and for there simply not to be an option to reply.



Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
Change the phrase to be blank then, or whatever you want to be seen. no_permission_to_reply

Change the permissions on that forum to revoke posting new threads or posts for the user group.
I will make an enhancement request for a read-only attribute for a forum - it doesn't need to be more than another checkbox in forum options.


Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
Easier again, find no_permission_to_reply, create yourself another phrase using something else, then write a Xen:if statement into it. That way you use the default where applicable, you use your custom phrase in the specific forum using a conditional.