Duplicate ACP - Color Palette 1.1 B2 - B3

Steve F

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When changing a color property within the Color Palette I have to reload the page to be able to access any of the color pickers. Does this in Beta-2 & Beta-3, works as expected in 1.0.4.

To reproduce: Simply hit the "Update Style Properties" button, then choose a color to change, the color picker will not open. It does this after saving a change also.

Win 7
Chrome - 14.0.835.202
FF - 7.0.1
IE - 9


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Same issue here using Chrome 15 - as long as you don't update the styles clicking on any colour in the palette will bring up the editor, but once you click update styles clicking on a colour does nothing until you click the menu button to bring up the colour palette again.

I know this version of Chrome is a beta, but it did fix the viewing of attachments so they appear where they should; seems like one thing gets fixed and another issue appears - sod's law lol.

Using Beta 3 BTW of XF.



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There was a previous report of this. Nonetheless, it's fixed now.