Accounts and Customer Login details changed

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Hey all,

This is completely unrelated to XF !! I need state that now. I am resuming from a long break and have returned to find many of my accounts to what you may call premium software / scripts.. I am referring to accounts that contain scripts such IPB, Cloneforest, a old vBulletin account also a few others ive paid for in past months with the intention to supply free and premium designs for.

What should one do in order to regain access, find out who and how this occurred in the first place.

Ive obviously contacted most script / web software companies already but am really wondering as to where and what the companies can do to help as I have found various sale threads on DP and other webmaster forums.. and without having solid / 100% proof it's the same person trying to sell on various sites.. What's not to say i didn't sell them the entire account login in the first place. At the time of writing this I still am unsure if indeed the sale threads if found are actually my accounts / purchases but it's almost certain as the threads are listing almost every script / software of accounts ive lost access to.

- Contacted all companies / sites i purchased them from (awaiting replies)
- Building up proof of original purchases Now (and will supply required info to each party)
- Trying to contact buyers / everyone eveninterested in the sale threads ive found
- Also trying to sneakily contact the seller without appearing as me

What else ?? Ive not summed this up but roughly I can account for 1k+ in scripts ive lost access to in the last 30+ days.. Advice or feedback from anyone in a similar situation will be greatly appreciated.

I have always been very very careful with access to my system, my files / storage and also my pc security in general and this was beefed up again after having a personal pc stolen physically previously (they were kind enough to leave my storage setup that contains my account info / copy's of work id previously completed for clients) and have generally accounted for the rare possibility of it being taken from my house.

I am relying on the fact that i am / was active on most forums / sites in previous months and years.. and am hoping that my reputation if anything helps my case prove that they accounts have been taken / changed without my knowledge and or consent in any way shape or form. Anyone with advice or exp in this situation any info / assistance is greatly appreciated.

At the very least, I can hope that anyone reading this can learn from my mistakes.. and ensure your accounts and PC are safe and secure both Physically and via the way of online threats. Do not forget about what would / could happen if your PC was stolen physically as one of mine was a while back.

I have had a case (personal computer case) taken from my house earlier this year, but at best all that the thief could of gained was the hardware and use of it only if they had formatted the HDD, and even is so and programs had been run to retrieve old data i doubt the encryption could of been reversed and any info retrieved. I did and currently do have air tight security using file encryption methods for all my website / webmaster related information.. I do not believe this to be a factor in my current situation mentioned above.

Regards, Darren