Merged accounts and lost email login


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Just wondering if someone can help me out here. I had a member who hadn't been on for a while and came back - and posted. Couldn't remember his old login so had opened a new account. He agreed for me to the merge the accounts and agreed on which username to keep, so I merged them. But I think he had signed up with a different email address the second time (must have done or it would have been flagged as a duplicate account) and now it is merged there is only the one email address, I think from the older account. So I suspect I've locked him out now! He won't be able to login with the newer email address. If he's not using the old email address, I can't contact him to ask what to change it to.

Is there anyway of looking up what the other email address was, before the accounts were merged?
merged 2 accounts few days ago and the changelog for that account does not even have data on account merger.
strange. it should be and it not being done sounds like something that may have been missed by the people that wrote the program. that sounds like a major change that should be logged.
maybe in the moderator log?
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