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Forums become very social and as social sites users aware about ability of deactivation their profiles or even deletion of their accounts like in the facebook. Most common reasons:
  • User need to get off-line for long time and wants to show other users that they will not be acceptable in their profiles and private conversation. (For now our team do this by hand);
  • While changing terms of use some of users could object to new terms and need to delete their account (We realized this function with custom field + group promotions, but some users want to undone this shortly and they couldn’t).
  • Sometimes users feel aggrieved and want to slap the door. They could do something bad (and we'll punishing for this), but on our forum they prefer self-deletion. After few days they realized that they wants back and create new account or asking for unbanning.
  • In some countries deletion is necessary due to political regime, but admins couldn’t allow complete delete due to trolls. We've used few plugins for self deletion, but users are not fools. Very soon they understand, that account deletion means deletion of warns and IP history. So they could do anything and then return as newbie.
I think that the most right way contains these steps:
  1. User click DELETE and confirm his decision with pass or e-mail.
  2. Then he has 3 (editable) days to change his mind. During this time:
    1. User couldn't reply in public and privat threads;
    2. User get notice about his decision;
    3. Users who want to get the conversation with him get an error (editable).
  3. After countdown is end:
    1. User will be ban and get specific title (editable);
    2. Some personal information (conversation list, avatar, signature, profile post, about me) will fully delete (conversation is just leaving); post is fully leave on their places;
    3. User will receive an email with link for unbanning; if he click on the link, countdown will begin and account will activate by the end of 3rd (editable) day if he do not undone this.
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Sorry, I've searched by "deletion" :cry: I copy details of my suggestion to that thread. Thanks.
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