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That is utterly ridiculous and childish way to act. You got caught doing wrong and want to take it out on other people? Makes absolutely no sense.
No, I'm just bored and I've removed your attachments. You do not have any attachments on our site, we do not care about you

Ernest L. Defoe

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Xenforo team, it's really ridiculous that you make such a decision, there will be more illegal sharing.
What part do you and everyone else that says the management here is being ridiculous not get that the people that were posting the addons on the site(s) in question were doing so without the owners of the addons permission so they were in essence breaking the law and the management here was/is protecting the developers of the addons. It's stated in the license agreement. The same license agreement that you have to agree to when you purchase the software so you know what you are agreeing to. You don't read it then that's on you but it's there so just because you don't read it doesn't mean you can play dumb later when you get called out on it. They did the right thing and illegal sharing is gonna continue no matter what the management team here did or didn't do so don't act like this decision is going to lead to more illegal sharing cause it's not. It's gonna happen no matter what unfortunately wish it wouldn't but it will.


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Xenforo team, it's really ridiculous that you make such a decision, there will be more illegal sharing.
Their decision to uphold the law is s ridiculous?

There should have been no illegal file sharing in the first place.

You can support all the addons in any language, as long as you do not host files you do not have permission to, simple. It is not something XenForo made up, it is the law.


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Add-ons are not downloaded on our site. Xenforo is redirected to add-ons resources. Please do not argue anymore. add-ons will now be downloaded from the xenforo.com source area. Language file support will continue except for some add-ons
This really isn't all that hard of a fix.
  1. Don't host content you haven't been given permission to host
  2. Maybe attempt to form a relationship with add-on developers, so they don't hate you
  3. Review add-ons all you want
Look at how other review sites work (cnet, gamespot, etc), and follow their example. You don't need someones permission to review their software or explain it in Turkish, you just can't share their content. You can offer support (paid or free) on things like installation and consultant.