XF 2.1 Ability to export all config settings (not just style).


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Hi there,

I believe the answer is "not possible", however let me put forth a usage scenario in which import/export might be important.

I'm currently in the process of a test build (site and xenforo), and as I figure out and fine tune the forum, I'd like to be able to export all the final settings made, so that when I do a fresh Wordpress/Xenforo install (moving into final production), I just just import all the settings back in.

Another situation could be if something goes askew and a reinstall is required.

I'm aware that I can export all style configuration under APPEARANCE > STYLES > "..." > Export (for those who are searching for an answer and find this in the future), however that doesn't backup all settings and config under (for example) > SETUP.

Food for thought, and if there are ways of doing it, please let me know :)

Thank you!
There's no built-in way to do that. As there's quite a number of settings that are also very specific to the current installation, I generally wouldn't recommend it either.
So what's the best way to transition from a test/staging to a production environment with Xenforo then ? That seems rather flawed.

Does that mean the person has to go through every menu, and every setting and manually note it down (or screenshot/video it), and then recreate it?
Pretty much, yeah. I'd just open it side by side.
Hmm I'll have to record all the settings as I need to test backup and recovery as well on my host, hence if I don't get the recovery to work I still need to have settings there.

Might just use Bandicam or something and record screen of me going through the settings on each page to ensure I'm 100% safe.

I'd be in tears if I broke it and couldn't get it restored as I've put some seriously long hours into it to date :)
You can't do this directly within the ACP, but you can just export the xp_options table from the xenforo database. Then, when you've run your new fresh installation you can just delete the new xp_options table and import the table you exported ealier. Worked for me when I replaced a test installation with a fresh install on the same domain.

Also works for xp_widgets.
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