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It would be pretty handy to be able to export options settings.
This especially comes in handy when handling large addons with many settings, and in case of import preparations, but also just to have a backup of your settings. This will allow webmasters to easily import or restore settings without manually entering everything again.

In general I am a fan of being able to export/import everything. This allows us to share as well.
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If you like a suggestion and would like to see it as part of the core software you need to like the first post. That's how the devs gauge the interest of a suggestion. It's not how many posts a suggestion has or how many +++++++1's it gets it's based on likes in the first post.
this feature would be indeed welcome. For example, we are now working on a migration from XF1 to XF2. We created a test instance of the current forum and updated it to XF2. Now, we may come across some settings during the testing period that we may change and may forget about and once we update the main site to XF2 we will need to track it down again. Would be so much easier just to export all the settings and then import them on a live site.
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