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XF 1.2 Ability to export prefix groups, edit and re-import?

Hi all;

I have a prefix group which I have created for user reviews , I want each thread to have a 'brand' prefix.

Currently for the launch of the forum I will have 2 dozen or so prefixes, but I expect that to explode to about 50 in the first 12 months. Ideally I would like to keep that alphabetical, but if you need to then re-order say 25 prefixes each time you add a new prefix then the management is horrible.

Is there some way that I could get an export of the prefix group, modify it in a spreadsheet, and re-import it to bring in new prefixes, and with any changes to existing prefixes (guessing they have some sort of DB record ID) would then be updated also?


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Prefixes are not exportable. I suggest using increments of 10 - 20 (or more) to order them, so you only need to inject a number rather than reorder all your prefixes.
If the interface made it easier to 'mass change' a group of prefixes then it would not be such a big deal. Hence I have asked for it in the appropriate place.

While the suggestion of 'spacing out' the order increments would be useful for smaller amounts (say under 50 prefixes), I would make the point that doubling that would still likely give you some pain. The fact is that I cannot see a current ordered list of the prefixes except live on a new thread seems counter-intuitive.

It would almost be easier to edit the records in the DB directly - at least for ordering purposes.


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I realize that this is 2 years old but it is the only topic on the subject. Is there some significant limitation on being able to import prefixes? It has nothing to do with strategy as to how many you should use - let's just assume you need 100+ prefixes and that the system you're using will be just fine. @Jeremy - I'm wondering if you know about limitations regarding prefix imports. Once of the challenges I've seen is that there is so much serialized data, which makes it an incredible pain to import/export data and move it out if you ever need to do so. Wish so much of it wasn't serialized but I see that prefixes don't appear to be at first glance. Thus it would seem that it is reasonably feasible to build such a system for import/export. If there is, I'd consider undertaking it and would appreciate your insight and anyone else's regarding the question of import/export of prefixes. Thanks.