Ability to Create Custom Folders for Watched Threads


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I did a search and found nothing related or similar.

On vBulletin, there's the default Subscriptions folder, but you also have the ability to create custom folders. For example, Special Subscriptions.

A while ago I started removing watched threads (XenForo) / unsubscribing from threads (vBulletin) at the beginning of the month that were from the previous month just as a cleanup and to keep things organized. However, there are certain threads, such as special project threads I work on, that I have. On vBulletin forums I visit, I've created a folder called Special Subscriptions where I put those.

It would be nice if an option to create folders for your watched threads were added to XenForo.


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I also migrated from vB and my members complain that all their subscription folders are lost. So I support your suggestion.
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I apologise for the misunderstanding; even more behind this, I have several friends who have asked if something like this exists on xenforo :)