XF 1.5 No emails being sent for watched threads

Users have reported no emails being sent from my site for watched threads. I finally got around to running a test and sure enough: I'm not getting emails for threads I've watched and asked for email updates on.

Here's the thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/test-thread-ignore.106268/

I posted to that thread Monday at 9:22 pm and set my watch preferences to email me on updates to the thread.

I would have expected this post:


to have triggered an email to me. It was made well after I'd last visited and posted to the thread and well before I returned to the site.

No email was sent.

Similar reports from others in that thread: emails aren't being sent.

I am seeing emails sent for the forum watch I have set on this forum: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/forums/forum-testing-forum.60/

Any time a new thread gets started there I get the email.

I'm also successfully receiving emails for conversation alerts and from others who are direct emailing me through the site.

The ACP logs are empty for server errors and email bounces.

Any thoughts on how to best debug this issue?



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Can you see the entries in the mail server log?

If you are receiving emails for a watched forum then that confirms the end to end functionality so it could just be certain emails are being spam trapped.
/var/log/php_maillog shows the server trying to send email and there are no errors reported there. It's not a problem with Xenforo, it's got to be a machine problem. There are no bounced emails in any boxes on the machine.
It was Exim queue backlog that wasn't getting dealt with because of a weird firewalld issue and crazy high CPU load from all my httpd threads.

Strange but true.

Xenforo was operating perfectly though and once I fixed those two things the email backlog was churned through and all the missing emails appeared.