[8WR] XenAtendo (Events)

[8WR] XenAtendo (Events) 1.5.0b

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Only 2 alternatives but not at this level right now @Lindal_Oronar .
AndyB's and Waindigo's calendars.
Andy's has now a sidebar widget for upcoming events, too. So if you just need basics, like a calendar, adding events through thread and showing events in sidebar, you can go with Andy's. Jon's (formerly Waindigo) has google calendar and ressources implementation but no sidebar widget yet and you can add events through thread, too.
Hi @sbj,
Thanks for your answer.
I take a look at the 2 addons.
It's not supported... I have never liked this mod. It was never supposed to be a calendar; just an RSVP system. I was pressured into adding the calendar part by users. I myself am waiting for someone, ANYONE else to make a better calendar/rsvp system so that I can completely abandon this mod on my own forums.

That being said... I see no reason why it wouldn't work with 1.4.
It'd be awesome if you could ditch the calendar and just launch a rewritten version of this addon. I think this addon can have few more options like layout of the events page, custom information etc.
I've extended my own installed version so I can have highlighted events. It's just an extra tickbox on the form and some extra css.
I'm not sure that this mod will be further supported so I think you are on your own.
Is anyone working on this add-on any more if not to bad!!! XenForo you should pick this add-on up!! Anyway my question is you see in the image it has the start date, time however for some reason you can't go below 6 hours?? I wonder could someone add a second date, time to end instead of number of hours?? for me that's all that seems to be wrong with this add-on...



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for some reason you can't go below 6 hours?
I don't have any problem with setting time intervals less than this. Typically my events are 2 or 3 hours in duration. And no, I've not made any modifications to achieve this.
What version are you using? up top the version is 1.5.0b but when you download it its version 1.5.0??

What version are you using? up top the version is 1.5.0b but when you download it its version 1.5.0??

It says 1.50 in the ACP. I think the 'b' is just a hotbox and doesn't show on the version number. Anyway, mine is the latest version as I always keep my add-ons up-to-date.
Hi Martok
You are correct the event time was set wrong I set the wrong time interval!! However did you know you can set the event interval time to .5 to pick up on the half hour!! it worked on my site again thank you...

Hi Rob
I went to his site and asked if he was still working on his add-on and that was weeks ago and still with no answer!!

For the avoidance of doubt, that was not me offering either, but im sure there would be no shortage of developers who could take over this.
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