[8WR] XenAtendo (Events)

[8WR] XenAtendo (Events) 1.5.0b

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Hey Jaxel, since you are no longer supporting this mod, would you be willing to let another developer take it on and update / maintain it?

Yes please, am planning on using this on a new site - it's perfect IMO. And it still works, but should something break it, I'm hosed...
Also, I've set up some thread prefixes for the events forum, but when I click new event, there's no thread prefix option. Any ideas? I know they can be used as I've seen them on Surrey Forum.
Interesting... if you add an event, you don't have the option to add a thread prefix. If you then go back and edit that event, you do have the option to add a thread prefix. Is there a better way?
BUG..... where two events start on the same date and same time only one will show up in upcoming - it may affect other views also but certainly upcoming. Is anyone able to confirm this? If so I'll start digging.
Ahhh, I went digging and found the same code.... I changed event_strtime to event_id and all working.... same fix really.
Applied the same to the recurring query underneath also.
Thanks though TMC. :)
I need to make an event for 2.5 hours and for some reason it wount let me do this?? any idears.....

Welcome to the frustration we all feel. Basically, just work out the unix datestamp for when you want the event to end, and then manually update the event in the database - cumbersome, but it works!

What gets me, is that start and end datestamps are used in the database.... why then cant there be a simple date and time picker on the front end for both start and end? That way we can say an event starts on monday 28th May at 22:47 and ends on the 29th May at 06:28!! Ok, extreme example but that level of flexibility is already supported in the database tables of this mod - the front end is just letting it down.
Hi, I have moderation set when registered users create new events. A message pops up and says the event will be appear after it has been approved etc.

But I can't work out where I would find the events waiting for moderation.

I don't have a linked forum, don't know if this makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.
They will appear in the moderation queue. Make sure your usergroup has the permission to moderate events - it's a different permission to threads.
Hoping someone has an answer, the event tends to break on mobile. At least, in portrait mode. The map blocks out all the info fields to the right
I've extended my own installed version so I can have highlighted events. It's just an extra tickbox on the form and some extra css.
I'm not sure that this mod will be further supported so I think you are on your own.
Any chance you mind sharing said code? :D

Guys, can anyone tell me the solution? In sections where there are subsections, there is no button "Post New Event". If the section of the subsections there is no button there.
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