[8WR] XenAtendo (Events)

[8WR] XenAtendo (Events) 1.5.0b

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It will be... when it comes down to it, this will still be an event planning addon. However, unlike before, the calendar systems will be more elegant, instead of tacked on feature bloat.
Do you think it will ever be on the radar of the new mod to provide a way for users to purchase an event listing? This is one tedious process I'd like to automate at some point as manually adding all the events can be t-e-d-i-o-u-s
please the same information on the same page only once. in your example I would leave the top variation, it's most according to the xf design and delete the other one.


and I would change the display order of information.

1. first the whole wysiwyg description is the most important for my community.

2. Move the google maps to the end. at the moment it takes space, so a user has to scroll down to get the most valuable information of the description. additionally you could would make the google maps expandable. so it's default collapsed, then the user has first to klick on a button "map" and then the map will expand, but I would still move it after description.

3. and after google maps at the very last "upcoming occurrencies".
In the TOOLS dropdown for occurrences, there is an export to iCal option. I need to know if that works.
It downloads a .ICS file, which I can then double-click to open and prompted by iCal to add the event to my calendar.
I don't like the non-SEO URL for the description though.
http:// 8wayrun.com/calendar/the-break-weekly-mortal-kombat-x-super-smash-bros-wii-u.1/event?id=53

Parameterised ?id=53
The ID just marks a a "linked occurrence". Besides that, its the same page. XenForo's built in routing system only supports one SEO parameter.
I wanted to test RSPV on 8wayrun.com, but it doesn't work for me:

RSVP system is also done. If you're logged in, you can test it out here:
The Break Weekly (Mortal Kombat X & Super Smash Bros. Wii U) | 8WAYRUN.com
No RSPV possibilities are shown for me on this page "The Break Weekly".

[Aug 28, 2015] Summer Jam 9 (Essington Pa.)
Can't RSPV, it shows "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.". And I'm logged in and have a confirmed account "Kerby". What am I doing wrong?
Hmmm... the agenda view is tooooo basic for me. Are you planning on doing anything to make it more snazzy?
Hmmm... the agenda view is tooooo basic for me. Are you planning on doing anything to make it more snazzy?
Not really. I copied the agenda view directly from Google Calendar. I dont see how I could make it look more "snazzy".
Ie... events with a month.....
events within 3 months...

I liked that feature in the prior version - could it be an option?

What is going on here? How can I remove one of the RSVP sections from the event thread?

Anyone finding event start/end times are incorrect after daylight savings change?
I have a recurring event with a 1pm start time, recorded with the timezone Australia/Sydney (normally AEST +10, currently AEDT +11) and now is showing as a 2pm start time.

My server is correct with AEDT +11, and users have UTC +10 Sydney/Melbourne selected within their account preferences.
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