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[8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal)

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I'm having problems getting the permissions set correctly. I've enabled every group to the module in mind, and i've also tried checking no groups, but it seems i'm the only person that can see the module. Any tips for what i'm missing?
I had that problem in an old version but Jaxel fixed it. I assume you've modified the CSS yourself hence his changes won't have been replied.

Well it is not okay with Firefox 3.6.4 For Mac, other than that looks fine. Could it be css silly bug (like IE6) from Firefox?
I figured it out. I setup the portal using "customize this page", and not "administrate modules".

ACP -> Users -> Permissions -> Permissions Group -> Set the permissions properly.
ACP -> Start -> Options -> 8wayRun.Com XenPorta (Portal) -> set options.
Portal -> customize this page -> Revert All. Customize this page is for personal customizations.
Portal -> administrate modules -> configure it. Administrate modules is for general customizations.

Dear Jaxel,

While on the portal page, logging out returns you to the Forums home page rather than the portal page again. Is this by design? Can this be altered? :)
Does anyone know how to use full size featured images on the portal index page instead of the Recent News module converting them as thumbnails?
With this option...
Set as Index Controller
Move forums to /forum/ and set /portal/ as the index.
... the forum home page ends up being /forum but the actual forums are at /forums/{forumID}. Is possible to make it consistent so that the forum home page is /forums instead?
Edit next files/lines:
library\EWRporta\Helper\Index.php -> line 69 -> $routesPublic['forum'] = array(
library\EWRporta\Route\Index.php -> line 37 -> return XenForo_Link::buildBasicLink('forum', $action, $extension);
library\EWRporta\Route\Categories.php -> line 25 -> return XenForo_Link::buildBasicLink('forum', $action, $extension) . strval($link);
Rename forum by your want, for example, foro => http://www.xenfacil.com/foro/


I have a question regarding the layout of the current Recent Threads block. I upgraded a site today from XenPorta 1.3.7 to 1.4.4. The site is using the XF default style and there are no template changes at all for XenPorta. The EXTRA.css template is clear of any changes that would affect the Recent Threads block. This is a very clean version of XF + XenPorta.

Before the upgrade (1.3.7) Recent Threads image: RecentThreadsBefore.JPG

It looks very clean and the look is great overall.

After 1.4.4 upgrade: RecentThreads.JPG

My basic question, is this the intended default look of XenPorta? Or am I somehow missing something? Specifically:

a. The "Discussion in..." has shifted in the footer area from the left to the right.

b. The "continue reading" is now in the lower right corner rather then in the article at the end of the text. When a person is reading the article it seems natural they would want the "continue reading" shortly after the last word of the article. In it's current location the "continue reading" may not be seen or used. If the continue reading was to remain there, I would suggest shifting the "Discussion in..." back to the left to save a line and give the footer a more balanced appearance.

c. The image shifted to the right side of the article. Is that by design?

d. The facebook and twitter widgets are gone. That is by design as well?

e. The indentation for the first line is huge. A normal indent is only a few characters. The indent for "As Mobitog grows..." looks like a double indent or more.
If you set it back to being fixed width rather than fluid how does it look?

A few comments:

a) Should be lower left still
b) Continue reading should be in the footer but it's meant to look like you suggest, Discussions on the left and Continue reading on the right of the footer.
c) Yes
d) Have you got Show Social Media Options turned on?
e) The indent is wrapping around your date box on the left but for some reason that box is blank?
The "promote thread" thing, is that to have threads on the homepage not in the designated news forums. How would I promote a thread to the homepage if they aren't in the news forum?
Hey everyone.

Just got XenForo yesterday and so far I am digging it.

Something that I still find confusing is the installation of mods. Maybe it's just the XenSeries by Jaxel, but I was just wondering what I am doing wrong. I installed XenPorta via xml and after it was done, there was no link or anywhere else that allows me to get started on the Portal page.

Am I forgetting something? There is no "Get Started" content in the mods thread so I'm at a loss.

Thank you for your time!
I've merged your thread with the add-on thread.

Support questions for add-ons should be posted in their respective threads.
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