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this is way overkill for this module in my opinion. i don't update my twitter very often, and from what ive seen the twitter search only goes back a few days? so the inability to show all my tweets is pretty frustrating. is there a way to do a twitter search for all my tweets made ever?
the information you quoted is how twitter works and has nothing to do with XenPorta specifically. All XenPorta does is take your Twitter information and display it in a block on the portal.
Jaxel as I can I do to resize images? aunt with the previous version did not happen. In the next version could be put an option to enable or disable this option? Thank you.

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I must be missing something here. I upgraded and have been playing with the slider. I can not get it to work. Do I need to add a custom module? I do not see any settings in the "recent news" module. I have added a graphic named slider.jpg to the thread and it is simply displayed as a normal image would.

The Enable Custom Article View for Porta seems to effect the thread even when viewed from the forum. But it does it on some, and not others. Am I missing something here?

I seem to have some missing modules. For example, I see you have the count down on your site. Going to go take a look at the install files again.

Yep - slide.jpg tested and the same results.

Should I see the Recent Slider module? I do not. I see it in the blocks folder though.

Also, while testing I pointed the recent news to an admin only forum thinking it would only be shown to admins. Nope, it will show all recent news to all groups.

The module has a 1 hour cache time... press the (O) link next to the module to clear the cache manually.
Have you added the recent slider to the top block?

Please see attached image. I do not seem to have this module, yet it is in my /library/EWRporta/block folder on the server.


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My cache is set to Zero, and has been for testing.
I re-imported the XML from the server (rather then my local drive) and no changes. The modules are still missing.

I'm currently reinstalling the entire portal with my fingers crossed.

Update - No change.. Missing modules. Ideas?
Portal seems good so far i am thinking of getting it back again but i have one question about slider on top you have there jaxel is it possible to feature one picture from each threads if there are pictures posted in those threads featured in slider instead of thumbnails ? Slider should be able to resize any one random image from each thread and show it . If it's possible that would be good for the site i am running on the moment.

Hey jaxel anything about this or a module that can pull off random posted image from site would be great too .
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