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50GB of DropBox Free? Mega?


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Only downside, is there's a limit on bandwith, the free account (which SEEMED to be unlimited bandwith at launch), seems to be limited to 10GB.



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As opposed to Drop Box who the government basically sponsors and has complete unrestricted access. Why do you think they never had a problem?
True, but which is more likely to be raided? Dropbox, or Mega?
I'd rather host with Dropbox and not suddenly find my files being withheld or taken away without notice.


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I would suggest looking at Tresorit if you care about privacy, I know it's quite new and the paid version is a bit more expensive, but it's by far the safest "Dropbox". They moved their servers out of US to Switzerland to protect users' privacy from NSA that kind of thing. They also have hacking bounty and claimed that so far none have hacked them successfully *hopefully* :D.


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Interesting, the bandwidth limit on Mega.co.nz, is "Dynamic". Not sure what that means, but one post I read on another forum says 10gb per 30 minutes.
So it's not too bad at all really.
Only part I'm not keen on, is there's no way to link your account login/security to your mobile, like you can with Dropbox.


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Exactly. The owner is still under investigation for Mega Upload. I wouldn't place any of my data on servers controlled by him. Just my .02.
He'll be fine, the government played some stupid games in NZ and they're losing now.
The shock-and-awe police tactics attracted a huge amount of media attention and Mr Dotcom mounted a publicity campaign against US efforts to extradite him.

Since then, a New Zealand high court judge declared the raid illegal as authorities failed to provide a specific reason for the search and should never have seized his personal hard drives. The judge also said she was concerned copies of Mr Dotcom's hard drives had been sent back to the US without his consent.

The botched raid was an embarrassment for the New Zealand government, and Prime Minister John Key also issued an apology to Mr Dotcom for unlawfully spying on him, saying he was "appalled" a government agency had failed at the "most basic of hurdles".
Quite frankly, the FBI are starting to look stupid pursuing this here.


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I used to be a big dropbox fan but then started thinking about my data and who I do and don't want to have access to it.

I now have a Synology DS412+ with just over 4TB of disk space in a nice RAID 10 setup that's also being backed up in an encrypted container. Using the Synology cloud station on my computers and phone I have the same access to my data as I did with Dropbox but TONS more storage and less worry about who might be looking at my data.