3 letter search possible ?


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I am wondering if the "Elastic Search" can also search for portions of a certain word ?

For example:
I do have the following word as a Thread-Title: "Voestalpine"


Now when I search for the term "voest", then it does not give any results.
I have tried it here at the Test-Forum (since it says in your FAQ that xenforo.com is indeed using Elastic Search) and searched for the term "voest", but it also does not give me any search-results.


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is there any chance to display a "search result" when not using the "star" at the end of the search-term ?


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Not for something like this.

The only support is for language-specific stemming rules (standardizing things like plurals, "ing" endings, etc) so the root word is matched on them.


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See the FAQ in my signature for search issues and limitations.
I thought ElasticSearch is building and using their own indices for search? Can anyone let me know if you can search 2 letters keywords with XenForo Enhanced Search? If you cannot, this is a major showstopper, as many large forums rely on on small keywords. I'm going to install the product now and see what options we have available. Thanks for letting me know.