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2 mod suggestions


Nelson T.

I can't post to the addon forum yet so....

e360 Intro On Registration 1.0.3 Submits an intro thread when a member registers.

Moderate User Registrations (ModCP Option) 4.0.3 Gives your Super Moderators a ModCP option to moderate new user registrations if "Moderate New Members" and "Verify Email address in Registration" is set to "Yes" in "vBulletin Options".

The above two are absolute necessities. New members have to post an introduction in their registration which is posted to a forum. Also, moderators need to be able to approve new users to help me out.

Would someone be willing to write these for us if we switch? (For pay if necessary).
I am trying to get our board to allow me to spend the $310 to switch. We are a not for profit (501-c-3) and I need board approval.



XenForo moderator
Staff member
The suggestions forum is for additions to the core code, not add-ons.

You will need to purchase a license in order to post in the add-on request forum.

Nelson T.

They already exist and are free on here.
That is awesome NZ!!!

I am glad that I bought it. We are getting a blizzard in NYC, so I will be home tomorrow and see about installing it ans transferring over!! Thanks so much guys!!