Suggestions on: Import Tool changes for 1.5.15 and 2.0

It would be great if the Import Tool allowed for a choice of "Full Image" import or "Thumbnails". My site is heavy image oriented and to get the images imported Full Size would be fantastic (at least for me) and also perhaps for any other boards that are image oriented related. I know my members will need to edit each post. Some of my single Topic Post are about 600 post with about 60 pages and have a about 800 images.

Then if the user wants to convert these to thumbnails, that option is still in the edit function.

Since XF 2.0 is now out, it could be an opportunity to modify the import tool. The version I am importing from is PHPBB 3.2.0

By the way, the PHPBB 3.2.x (beta) worked fine for me going from PHPBB 3.2.0 to XF 1.5.15, (then I upgraded to XF2)

Thank you very much if you happen to consider this modification.

(just upgraded 11/30/2017 and testing with Moderators)

Site still in use.