Fixed 1.2 Editor: Formatting


I have some problemes here with the formatting-options of the editor. They are not always shown. I think I have to explain it with some screenshots:

Maybe I will take a bold and underlined text, so I choose first the "B" and than the "U":

It works fine. And when I write these words, everything is shown correctly in the bar:


But when I selected the "U" the "B" isn't marked anymore:


Now I changed the line and both Icons are deselected. But they are active, so if I start writing, I will get a bold underlined text:


Bold underlined.

I hope, that you understand, what I mean. In my opionion it's a little bit confusing. When you deselect the buttons the button became "active", which you deselected before. So it's more try and error, if you would change the formatting options!


PS: But until now, xF 1.2 looks great!