Browser issue [1.1 b4] Strange errors being logged


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Found another issue where the URL is being set wrong according to my error logs:

2011/10/29 13:59:55 [error] 8894#0: *1659612 open() "/blah blah/members/ceixah.10631/data/avatars/l/10/10631.jpg" failed (2: No such file or directory), client: x.x.x.x, server:, request: "GET /members/ceixah.10631/data/avatars/l/10/10631.jpg?1319193026 HTTP/1.1", host: ""
Getting huge amounts of these being logged.


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The file specified in the error:

Actually exists here:


Maybe a rewrite rule is incorrect, the file structure has changed, or your sitemap is submitting the wrong URL's to a search engine. Did you lookup that IP to see if it's a spider?


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Our current thinking is that this may be a client that ignored the <base /> tag. Does the client IP give any hints?


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One of the IP's I quickly checked is Google but I also am seeing the errors logged against what I can work out to be non-spiders. It is just annoying that it is filling up my error logs :( (Will see if I can filter somehow)


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I asked Kier and Mike a month or two back about the error logs full of these errors and I think Mike told me the same thing that most of these errors are from spiders and I can safely ignore it.
It's also interesting that both Deebs and I are running nginx so I don't know if our server settings have anything to do with it.


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The user agent would be the most helpful thing, though that can be spoofed.

If you load the page and look in Firebug or other dev tools, you won't see any 404s. It's likely someone not respecting the base tag.