xenforo 2.2

  1. XenSoluce

    [Xen-Soluce] Custom Prefixes & Banners [Paid]

    XenSoluce submitted a new resource: [Xen-Soluce] Custom Colors Picker - This add-on allows you to change the colors of your prefixes. Read more about this resource...
  2. XenSoluce

    [Xen-Soluce] Custom Prefixes & Banners 2.1.0 Fix 1

    Description : This add-on allows you to customize your prefixes and your banners. You don't need to create CSS class now, you can do it more easily with our add-on ! Feature summary : Options : Select your color : Color Background Border FA icon Compatible with : Prefixes (threads &...
  3. XenSoluce

    [Xen-Soluce] Advanced User Profile 2.0.2

    Description : This add-on allows you to display the content of your profile tabs in widgets. Basic tabs by XenForo are implemented in the add-on by default, you can also define your own widgets to display them on your profiles ! Feature summary : Options : Cooldown Period Tabulations : Add...
  4. DemoTiger

    XF 2.2 Help - Node title read unread

    Hello, I am using the below code(extra.less CSS) on my forum, so if the node title is unread, then it should show the node title in bold size. .node--unread .node-title { font-weight: bold; } It only shows the last node title(Off-topic) in bold on my forum webhostvoice.com, but all other...
  5. eL_

    Wondering if....

    ... is there an add-on who limit the view of a post for unregistered users? I mean to give them the option to register to read a thread?
  6. karlfrankeser

    XF 2.2 [E_USER_WARNING] Cannot call method isFirstPost on a non-object (NULL) Error

    Hello dear XenForo community, I have enabled Guest Posting to try to get more people to sign up to the community. I am not 100% sure about this but this error might be due to this functionality being enabled, however I know too little about XF stack traces to trace this back to that 100%. This...
  7. SeventhSentinel

    XF 2.2 Replace FA thumbs up with custom one

    I'd like to use my own icon instead of the default thumbs up icon. I would like it to show up as the appropriate color specified by the theme, like the default. How can I do this? I would like to use or convert an SVG that looks like this: To replace all of these: So that it looks something...
  8. SyTry

    XF 2.2 Question about custom title for forum types

    Hello, so in my add-on : https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xen-soluce-seo-optimization.8164/ I have a function to change the Thread Title, but it don't work well with question/article/suggestion forum types. For discussion type, it works great : Prefix - My title - Board Name But in...
  9. XenSoluce

    [Xen-Soluce] Trophy Improvements 2.0.1

    Description : This add-on allows you to extends the trophy criteria system. With this add-on you can choose a period where you can earn a trophy from writing a post. Feature summary : Options : Luck Valid from Valid to Nodes XFRM Coming soon : XFMG Branding : This add-on does not...
  10. M

    XF 2.2 C++ authentication (libcurl)

    I saw some old examples of login authentication using /api/auth but looks like the rest api changed these in 2.1/2.2. Is anyone familiar with using libcurl and getting access to the /api/auth. I know it grabs users information once it recognizes the request. All attempts lead to the API key not...
  11. XenSoluce

    [Xen-Soluce] SEO Optimization 2.6.3 Fix 2

    Description : This add-on allows you to decide which content is indexed from the search engine and more. Feel free to make suggestions ! Feature summary : Options : Forum Meta-Title What's new Meta-Description Members Meta-Description Help Meta-Description Resource Meta-Description Media...
  12. Cupara

    Do I need to configure more options in config.php for Redis?

    I finally got around to installing Apache to my server then installing Redis and phpredis as well as php-fpm. Right now, my main site I get this error: Right now only my main site has the above error, my dev site is loading fine. I added the code from https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/manual/cache/...
  13. Cupara

    XF 2.2 Altering JSON field value in XF Template

    I'm grabbing JSON data from various sources but here is the link to one source: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/groups/blizzard-tracker/posts.json What I'm trying to do is process everything as I do but in my template using either bbcode{} tag or another method to convert <a href> tag to...
  14. Dammie

    How to setup GMP in CustomBuild 2.0 DirectAdmin?

    I would like to use Pushnotifications on my forum. The system requires gmp which I think is turned on in DirectAdmin, by CustomBuild 2.0. At the moment the management pagina in XenForo tells me there is no gmp and phpinfo.php also won't show any gmp. I switched gmp on in CustomBuild and...
  15. Thing in nothing

    Duplicate Poll for messages

    Hello there, As you know, we can already add polls for threads. However, we cannot add polls to messages. I think we need message polls.
  16. xsacha

    Xenforo 2.2 release

    Dear developers, tell me when the release of this version will take place?
  17. Recep Baltaş

    Duplicate Dark Mode

    macOS, Windows and why not XenForo? Shouldn't be that hard. I had to buy a theme for dark mode. Should be an easy switch or a template inside the software.
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