1. T

    What to embed on my website

    Hi, I apologize but I am confused. I need a simple explanation. I have a website: I refer all the videos to Rumble. I had them going to the original URL, but should I be using the ones ending in 228dh. For example: <snip> I want to use the least data on my website. I know...
  2. Mendalla

    Using Xenforo to power a small organization's website?

    I am contemplating rejoining the church that I was a member of through most of the noughties and, as happened the first time I joined, their website has fallen a bit ... stale (that time I ended up as their webmaster for about 3 years until I decided I wanted to move to worship team, which is my...
  3. Dadparvar

    For Sale: Ownership of the site and IP rights for 41 custom add-ons

    What do you get? Domain + SSL: (with the database. Everything related to the site) Full ownership of the add-ons: (41 add-ons . 13 paid . 28 free) Check them all + their reviews on (more importantly, almost all the reviews are 5 stars. Only 2 non-5-stars. Which...
  4. Serpius

    Permissions Assistance On My New Website

    Before you start... grab a coffee or favorite drink... it's kind of long. Ok, just a quick background on what my website's main goal is. I started up Contenght as a website that small to medium-sized content creators can embed their multimedia creations. NOTE: Contenght is pronounced the same...
  5. BassMan

    [cXF] Remove Location, Website and About you field 1.4.3

    Description: This add-on removes location and website fields from member profile and account details page based on usergroup permissions. Screens
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