Using Xenforo to power a small organization's website?


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I am contemplating rejoining the church that I was a member of through most of the noughties and, as happened the first time I joined, their website has fallen a bit ... stale (that time I ended up as their webmaster for about 3 years until I decided I wanted to move to worship team, which is my real forte in a church). Plus they are using an FB group for internal communications and I have no intention of giving Zuck any of my data just to join a church. And I was contemplating on these two things, it occurred to me that XF, or similar, could replace both, couldn't it?

Thoughts so far:
  • Use a page node or a portal for a home page
  • Private forums for internal, members-only material and discussions, including some limited to the board only for "in-camera" discussions. Probably the board would moderate these.
  • Public forums with the board or designated members as moderators for interacting with visitors and prospective members
  • Article forums on their own tabs for the newsletter articles and Sunday Services pages, with only the office staff and relevant members able to post
  • Page nodes for general information about the church (minister's profile, "About the church", and such)
  • Get a good stylist to build them a style incorporating their logo and some of the graphics they have around from a late member who was a local artist
They wouldn't be much bigger than my forum so could probably use the same host and package we use, keeping costs in the CA$200-300 range, plus the cost of styling (I'm learning but I'm not that good yet). What do you think? Anyone used Xenforo this way for a church or other community group? Any "gotchas" you can think of?
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And, yeah, I'd probably end up as the admin at first, but hopefully could train a member as a second. There used to be a couple other IT types around that church.
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