1. nidhin

    XF 2.2 Reply api

    is there any api or specific addon to reply a specific post using api call.
  2. jg0m3z09

    XF 2.2 Nested Reply in Thread

    Is it possible to make the reply section of the thread nested not linear? eg. - 1st reply -- 2nd reply (reply to 1st) --- 3rd reply (reply to 2nd) -- 4th reply (reply to 1st) --- 5th reply (reply to 4th)
  3. Starbucks

    XF 2.2 Staff Reply Color

    Hi! I'd like to know how I can customize the background color of a staff reply. I've seen some other threads for XF 1.5, but those don't seem to work (might need some code adjustments(?)...
  4. D.C Style

    D.C Style - Captcha questions on Posting 1.0.1

    Introduce Allow administrators to create captcha questions for members each time they post new comments or threads. Customize captcha positions: reply or new threads Customize conditions to avoid being affected by add-ons (posts, reaction points, register date) Turn on/off on specific forums...
  5. BassMan

    [cXF] Remove quote reply in first post only 1.1.2

    Description: Remove reply by quoting message in first post only. Screens:
  6. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Hide BBCode 2.0.9 Patch 1

    This addon gives users the ability to hide their content using BBCode. This addon requires version 2.1 of XenForo Features: Six different BBCode to Hide Contents. UserGroup permissions TAG DESCRIPTION [HIDE] This tag is associated with [HIDEREPLY] for the moment. [HIDEREPLY]...
  7. XFA

    [XFA] Like Or Reply To View Attachment - XF2 1.3.0

    Description Blocks download of attachments until users have liked or replied to the post. Features Hide attachments thumbnail Thumbnail replacement image url Require like in order to view attachment (and/or) Require post reply in order to view attachment Excluded forums Excluded usergroups...
  8. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Minimum post length 2.3.1

    This add-on allows to limit the number of characters / words in posts / threads. Features: Options Enable minimum characters Minimum Characters Length Enable minimum words Minimum Words Length UserGroup permissions Can bypass minimum characters length Can bypass minimum words length New...
  9. X

    Who Replied 2.2.0

    Shows the users who replied to a specific thread. Automatically adds permission for user-groups and forums where a user can see content. It will add a link to the replies number on the thread list template: When clicking: Filtering: Permission per forum: View who replied Contributing...
  10. BassMan

    [cXF] Reply to User 1.1.1

    Description: Add post author username next to reply with quote. A new phrase added: reply_to Translate or edit it to suit your needs.
  11. X

    Thread Reply Banner 2.6.1

    Displayed per-thread banners above the editor to users who can post Features: Displays in both Quick Reply, and preview reply views. Only fetches the thread reply banner when viewing a thread that can be replied to. Text may be up to 65536 characters long, and supports bb-code. Logs...
  12. wmtech

    [WMTech] Post Guard Pro 1.0.4

    Description Post Guard Pro allows you to block invalid or disallowed content submissions using "Post Guards". If a user attempts to submit a prohibited form of content, it will fail and they will receive an error message that you specify for that post guard. Example uses include: Preventing...
  13. wmtech

    [WMTech] Post Guard (basic) 2.0.0

    Introduction XenForo prevents users from creating posts with no content. However there may be other types of invalid posts that you wish to prevent. Description This add-on allows you to specify invalid posts using regular expressions, or "post guards". If a user attempts to submit a post which...
  14. wmtech

    [WMTech] Post Guard (basic) 1.1.5

    This add-on is now available in a fully-featured and easy-to-use >> Pro version << Introduction XenForo prevents users from creating posts with no content. However there may be other types of invalid posts that you wish to prevent. Description This add-on allows you to specify invalid posts...
  15. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Remove the Reply link from the last post

    The last post already has a full editor under it. Hitting the reply link on the last post will essentially quote the whole post in the post right below it. This makes no sense and its leading a lot of clutter. I would like to either have this link removed or have the option to turn it off.
  16. Amaury

    XF 1.5 Hide Reply and Multi-Quote Options from First Post

    There was a template modification that I used back when we were on vBulletin to hide the ability to quote the first post as it wasn't really necessary to do that, and I was wondering if there's a similar template edit I can make on XenForo with the Reply, which is essentially Reply with Quote...
  17. N

    XF 1.5 Disallow moderators to replay to closed threads

    Sometimes, moderators reply to a closed thread by an oversight and members as usual make a hue & cry for not being able to respond as the thread is closed. Is there any permission which disallows designated moderators from replying to a closed thread? Please advice. Thank you
  18. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Disable replying, Lock discussion for a specific Forum?

    Hi, I'd like to allow a certain group of members to create new threads in a forum dedicated to them, that will be visible to ALL, but commenting will be disabled (having a note saying so at the bottom would be nice). How would I do this? Thanks! Andre
  19. truonglv

    Unmaintained Quick Reply For Guest (Pro) 2.0.3 a

    Make more members to registering or active as possible Description: Allow guest reply to thread then login/register. How addon work? This display a form to guest (in forums allowed) reply to thread. After guest submit the overlay appear require users login or register to post message. Keys...
  20. Liam W

    Unmaintained Conversation Reply Permission 1.0.0

    This is a very simple add-on that adds a 'Reply to personal conversations' user group permission to your XenForo installation. This allows you to completely block users from using conversation after a privilege downgrade.
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