XF 1.5 Disable replying, Lock discussion for a specific Forum?


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I'd like to allow a certain group of members to create new threads in a forum dedicated to them, that will be visible to ALL, but commenting will be disabled (having a note saying so at the bottom would be nice).

How would I do this?


In Conversations, we have the option to LOCK it. Does this exist for forum nodes?

Maybe what could also be helpful would be to have a list of related news from the poster, displayed underneath?
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There is no permission that prevents users from replying to threads that aren't their own, but if you are intending to allow the group of members to comment on each other, you can create a group that has the "Post Replies" and "Post new Thread" permission for the specific forum; and disallowing those two for the Registered Group.

Otherwise, it would require custom development.
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