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Disable Signature in Specific Forum Nodes


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Disable Signature in Specific Forum Nodes - Enter this code to Remove the Signature from the Message Block in a Node

First, I recommend checking your forum nodes to find their node ID numbers, take note of the numbers that you want to remove message signatures from.

Node ID Numbers can be found in the forum URL, and you can also find them in the AdminCP when you view the URL when editing the forum in the Forum > Nodes menu.

You may want to remove signatures from individual forum nodes, or you may want to remove them from children of a single parent node.

Go to: AdminCP > Appearance >...

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I just checked my code and you are right, it's not working in the child nodes, not sure where I went wrong, if I can fix it I will.....
does someone know if the plguin from @XDinc works for V.2.2. of Xenforo or if there is a new version for this somehwere?
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