1. creativeforge

    XF 2.1 Email notification: "View Thread" doesn't lead to post?

    Since moving to 2.1 a week ago, the email notifications URL only leads to the first post of a thread, and not to the post I get notified about. How would I fix this? Thank you in advance! Andre
  2. Mr. Jinx

    Redirection script for SMF 2.0 2.1

    Script to help you redirect from SMF 2.0 to Xenforo 1.5 / 2.x There are a few things for this script to work correctly: SMF 2.0 was using normal URLs, like "" So "Search engine friendly URLs" and other SEO/Pretty URL's where not enabled. You will...
  3. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Save without reloading/redirection

    Hi! I have a basic entity Add\Edit admin template with simple form in it: <!-- TITLE AND PAGE ACTIONS --> <xf:form action="{{ link('phpc-criteria/save', $criterion) }}" ajax="true" class="block"> <div class="block-container"> <!-- FORM FIELDS HERE --> <xf:submitrow...
  4. R

    XenForo 2 redirect_to parameter on Login URL not working

    I just upgraded to V2. In V1, I had login links with redirect_to that let users to redirect to that URL after login. But this is no more working after i upgraded to V2.
  5. Azab

    Not a bug Redirect 301 vb to xenforo

    i want to Redirect like Old Url New Url Old Url New Url Old Url New Url
  6. dethfire

    Server issue adding backslash to end of RSS url breaks it

    This is troublesome when apache redirects automatically add in the backslash to your final destination ex. RewriteRule ^external.php* [R=301,L] turns into and will break
  7. XenForo

    Unmaintained XenForo Redirects for vBulletin 1.1.5

    XF301VB is a XenForo 2 add-on, which extends the XenForo router with the ability to accept URLs pointing to vBulletin content and seamlessly, permanently redirect them to their equivalent content in XenForo after the content has been imported. Virtually all content URLs from vBulletin versions...
  8. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Pass value from modal to page without page reload

    I have a page with the button "Add dependency" and hidden input field. <xf:button href="{{ link('UP/trophies/addDependency', $trophy) }}" class="button--add" icon="add" overlay="true">{{ phrase('UP_add_dependency') }}</xf:button> <input name="page_dependencyValue" type="hidden" value=""> The...
  9. Rohan Ekanayake

    XF 1.5 Guest Viewing forum Error Page. Any Solution ?

    Hello, I seen on my current visitors list ,users viewing error page (This member is viewing invalid page or a page they don't have a permission to view it.) Any solution for it? i mean auto redirection add on to main forum list? Screenshot -
  10. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Show message and then redirect

    I have added a custom button to account_detais template: <xf:button overlay="true" href="{{ link('account/reloadSkinHead') }}" class="button--link">{{ phrase('minecraftskins_account_reload_skin') }}</xf:button> In reloadSkinHead action I want to display message that skin reload is complete and...
  11. Codeless

    XF 1.5 Block Access from website

    Hello . i have a website like and IP of website is : i dont want to peoples to access my website via ip i want to accept users only came from domain name url this possible ? only user who enter domain name can access website if they trying to access via domain...
  12. adaaaam

    XF 1.5 Add Post Reply button to Guest view of thread

    Hi, How would I add a Post Reply button to threads viewed by guests that when clicked, opens the login page where they can choose to register, and redirects to a reply editor? (I do not want guest posting, just the button to appear for guests to login or register) Thanks!
  13. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 "Create new thread" - pre-requisite question to qualify?

    Hi all, I'd like to qualify members who want to post on a certain forum, so they can be 'sorted.' Is is possible to implement this (and if so how?): - After they click on POST NEW THREAD, a screen would open to ask them to identify themselves as either a Developer or a Reseller, with an...
  14. AddonsLab

    SSL Login 1.2

    As announced by Google, Google Chrome will show "Not secure" warning on websites having password fields on pages not protected by SSL. The solution is, of course, to migrate your forums to be served using HTTPS protocol. This is unfortunately not always possible, as switching to SSL requires...
  15. Robru

    XF 1.5 How to: Redirect from root to folder

    How to: Redirect from root to folder: to: Thank you for your help :)
  16. JanHoos

    Killing off vanilla forum, what to do with redirect?

    Hello everyone! In August I switched over to Xenforo from a Vanilla forum. Unfortunatly I havent been able to wrap my head around redirecting the Vanilla content to the Xenforo topics. They have been imported, but use different id numbers. Currently I have a lot of 404 errors (4000) in...
  17. mobilephone2003

    XF 1.4 Moving forums/ to root /

    I checked up on a few threads about moving xenforo to the root directory. "Just move the files and change the Index Page Route" Easy, I thought. Changed the files, changed the Page Route to portal/ as we use one. Now, the portal loads as normal, go to click forums.... goes back to the...
  18. enivid

    XF 1.5 Is There a Way to Make Image Proxy to Follow 301 Redirects?

    I have image proxy enabled in my forum. When adding images through URLs that do 301 redirects, it shows a broken image icon. When testing the URL via Test Image Proxy tool, it gives the following output <URL> could not be fetched or is not a valid image. The specific error message was: Received...
  19. JanHoos

    XF 1.5 Redirect (301) Vanilla to Xenforo

    Hello! Another question, how can I redirect the URL's from Vanilla to Xenforo. I've read some topics around here about the subject, but I can only find vBulletin and some PHP ones. They have a different URL composition as Vanilla so thats why I wasnt sure how I should format my mod rewrite...
  20. Jwrbloom

    XF 1.5 Redirect after 'Mark Forums Read'

    Where can I change the redirect after the User "Mark Forums Read"? Right now it takes the User back to the topic list. I'd rather it take them back to the Forum home page.