XenForo Redirects for vBulletin

XenForo Redirects for vBulletin 1.1.9

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
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XF301VB is a XenForo 2 add-on, which extends the XenForo router with the ability to accept URLs pointing to vBulletin content and seamlessly, permanently redirect them to their equivalent content in XenForo after the content has been imported.

Virtually all content URLs from vBulletin versions 3, 4 and 5 are supported, including 'friendly' URLs.

For further details on configuring this add-on, please see the XenForo redirects for vBulletin section of the manual.
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This add-on supercedes the old redirection system.
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Latest updates

  1. Small bug fix

    Some of the changes in XF301VB 1.1.9 include: Properly set the visitor and language in the...
  2. Small bug fix

    Some of the changes in XF301VB 1.1.8 include: Update regex to handle thread URLs that would...
  3. Small bug fix

    Some of the changes in XF301VB 1.1.7 include: Fix regex match to allow VB URLs that may contain...

Latest reviews

It was cool and excellent..the links nicely converted
Even if the conversion was not complete
Like the archive and the tag
But sections and topics pervade their transfer
Easy setup and works right away as described. It looks to be actively maintained so I hope to continue using it going forward.
Works well, though had some issues with old redirect scripts interfering with this new addon. Once I removed the old XF1 redirect scripts, added this addon and setup the correct vBulletin import log table, then old VB URLs are now redirected to the correct threads and posts.
Works perfectly. VB links from 13 years ago redirecting to the XF2 link. Great work team, really appreciate it.
Works really well, and much better as an add-on rather than redirect files. Users are very happy to see old threads accessible once again.
This worked exactly how you would expect, you just install it and you're done. Haven't seen a single issue.
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