1. V

    Unmaintained Redirection Script for phpBB 3.2/3.3+ (without SEO URLs) htaccess 1.0

    This script is based on different htaccess rules posted on xenforo forums and my own editing. Requirements: This script assumes you have friendly urls enabled for Xenforo. What it will do "/viewforum.php?f=X" will redirect to "/forums/X/" and "/viewtopic.php?t=X" will redirect to...
  2. JackieChun

    Lack of interest Use 301 instead of canonical tags for www and https redirects

    Enforcing a strict board URL in-script is a very useful XenForo option. It would be even more useful if https and www redirects were used via a 301 rule instead of simply tagging the correct URL as canonical. If the purpose of that setting is to avoid creating server-side .htacess redirect...
  3. Azab

    Not a bug Redirect 301 vb to xenforo

    i want to Redirect like Old Url forums.mysitename.co/t104315/ New Url forums.mysitename.co/threads/104315/ Old Url forums.mysitename.co/showthread.php?t=34474 New Url forums.mysitename.co/threads/34474/ Old Url forums.mysitename.co/forumdisplay.php?f=27 New Url forums.mysitename.co/forums/27/
  4. XenForo

    XenForo Redirects for vBulletin 1.1.9

    XF301VB is a XenForo 2 add-on, which extends the XenForo router with the ability to accept URLs pointing to vBulletin content and seamlessly, permanently redirect them to their equivalent content in XenForo after the content has been imported. Virtually all content URLs from vBulletin versions...
  5. B

    XF 1.5 Old url 301 to xenforo url

    hi, i use old url from a phpbb2 forum and i want to 301 to xenforo old url xttp://xxx.mysitexx.com/forum/thread title-vt2871.html new xenforo url xttps://xxx.mysitexx.com/thread/2871/ how can i extract the id from url (number) thank you for your help ps i use nginx
  6. enivid

    XF 1.5 Is There a Way to Make Image Proxy to Follow 301 Redirects?

    I have image proxy enabled in my forum. When adding images through URLs that do 301 redirects, it shows a broken image icon. When testing the URL via Test Image Proxy tool, it gives the following output <URL> could not be fetched or is not a valid image. The specific error message was: Received...
  7. JanHoos

    XF 1.5 Redirect (301) Vanilla to Xenforo

    Hello! Another question, how can I redirect the URL's from Vanilla to Xenforo. I've read some topics around here about the subject, but I can only find vBulletin and some PHP ones. They have a different URL composition as Vanilla so thats why I wasnt sure how I should format my mod rewrite...
  8. tab0reqq

    Merge XF forum as anothers subforum?

    Hi there folks, Let me specify my needs. So far I have a forum: starboundhq.pl (about Starbound game) - http://www.starboundhq.pl/forums/ to be exact (cause I use portal plugin). I want to: 1) Make another multi-game site: multihq.pl 2) Make Wordpress blog on main domain. 3) Start new XF...
  9. Toshi

    301 Redirection

    Is it possible to redirect Member Profile URL to Login Page, Please Share Suggested Links.
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