Lack of interest Use 301 instead of canonical tags for www and https redirects

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Enforcing a strict board URL in-script is a very useful XenForo option. It would be even more useful if https and www redirects were used via a 301 rule instead of simply tagging the correct URL as canonical. If the purpose of that setting is to avoid creating server-side .htacess redirect rules, then it's currently not accomplishing that goal.

These differences might not be visible to the visitor, but they have huge implications for SEO and managing your content. If the old URL is no longer useful, then the best practice is a 301 rule. With the nail in the non-secure http's coffin, I think we can all agree that the http version is no longer useful.

As of now, I am leaving the "Board canonicalization option" disabled because it only duplicates .htaccess rules which have to be created anyway. In fact, having the option enabled prevents you from properly testing your .htaccess rules for errors. Sometimes WHM/cPanel injects code into .htaccess files after they're written on its own volition, so the file might be changed and 301 redirects broken without your knowledge. If this can be done by XenForo on the fly, however, the issue would be fully addressed.
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