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  1. M

    XF 2.0 Proxy Images without Proxy.php

    I'm using Nginx to proxy images without using Proxy.php - but running in to an issue with the URL. $config['proxyUrlFormat'] = 'https://www.example.com/proxy/?{url}'; The {url} is "urlencoded" which Nginx doesn't like - is there anyway to retrieve the URL not encoded?
  2. batpool52!

    ImageProxy Host v2.0.0

    Screenshots Description This add-on allows you to ignore HTTPS image links from getting proxy-ed and set a custom host for proxy links. Credits Original add-on for XenForo 1 developed by @Jim Boy
  3. Ben0815

    [Ben0815] ImageProxyServer 1.1

    This addon expends the image and link proxy by XenForo. It will proxy all images through a remote server and will therefore hide your server IP address in addition to your users IP addresses. It will do nothing when you don't enable "Proxy images" in your ACP. Installation: upload the content...
  4. Codeless

    Ngnix Proxy Configration error

    Hi on a client demand i was setting up xenforo on proxy servers . here is my setup diagram so if anyone check Example.com Who is and dns records its display proxies ip address DNS Records of Example .com but when use open example.com website works fine but when click on any url its...
  5. Brent W

    [XFR] Anti-Spam - Moderate or Reject Registration By Country or Proxy 1.2.0

    This add-on now only requires CloudFlare if you wish to block or reject countries from registering. This add-on is used on every site we own. You can view them here: https://www.whippmedia.com/ Moderate VPN, Proxy and Datacenter Registrations Using Get IP Intel you can now reliably moderate...
  6. Kevin

    XF 1.5 Image Proxy and Pinterest

    Has anybody gotten the combination of having the image proxy enabled and trying to 'pin' to Pinterest working together? It's been driving me nuts tonight trying to find a solution. :coffee:
  7. D

    XF 1.4 Having problems with https

    Can be closed :)
  8. Kintaro

    See who connect from many IPs

    is there an add-on (or simply some instructions) to see users who login from many different IPs in a specific range of dates? it can be useful to have it so can alert about who is using Proxys/VPNs to bypass ban.
  9. Finexes

    Gametracker SSL Proxy 2.0

    NOTE: It seems like Gametracker is now finally supporting SSL. Try to change your Gametracker links to https. If everything works fine, you won't need this resource! Introduction If you display Gametracker banners on your ssl secured site, you may get a warning for mixed content as Gametracker...
  10. Cyb3r

    XF 1.5 Images are not showing after removing image proxy

    I was using image proxy when I was on SSL connection, but now I don't need it anymore, when I disable the feature the images show like this: And this is the image link:
  11. Amin Sabet

    Unmaintained Image Proxy in RAM

    Proceed at your own risk! This works for me on my Centos 6.x server. I am not responsible if this doesn't work or somehow damages your forum or server. The purpose of this is to store proxy image data in RAM instead of storing it at the current location of /<domain>/internal_data/image_cache...
  12. Abracadaniel

    XF 1.4 Configure proxy to hide Image Proxy's backend origin IP

    Hey there, I wonder if it's possible to configure some http or socks5 proxy for Image Proxy system? In `/library/Zend/Http/Client/Adapter/Proxy.php` I see this block: class Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Proxy extends Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket { /** * Parameters array * *...
  13. Shiro

    Unmaintained Trust+ 1.0.13

    Trust+ Risk Analysis System Trust+ is a security and risk analysis system designed to help stop spammers, trolls, and other bad-actors from registering an account on your forum. Unlike similar services, Trust+ takes a multi-faceted approach to identify different risk factors. Currently, Trust+...
  14. Shiro

    Add-on Trust+ - Intelligent Security Service

    Hello, I am currently working on developing a security and risk assessment service called Trust+, and I intend to release an add-on for Xenforo which utilizes the service. Trust+ will be launched with the following features; The ability to intelligently detect and block disposable email...
  15. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Block Proxies 1.0.0

    [TH] Block Proxies - Prevent registrations from proxy servers Description This add-on is now opensource. The reason for this is because of the function that this add-on offers can already be achieved through the server itself. This add-on will block ports 80 and 443 which are regular...
  16. eva2000

    Removing .php extension from proxy.php images ?

    Sort of related to https://xenforo.com/community/threads/how-sensitive-is-the-image-proxy-to-slow-origin-servers.81774/#post-818153 Suggestion: For Xenforo default image proxy url to be customised without the .php extension i.e. /proxy/ instead of /proxy.php similar to Digitalpoint's proxy...