1. steamy001

    XF 1.5 Deleting multiple nodes

    Is there a way to delete multiple nodes or at least delete many nodes before rebuilding permissions etc.?
  2. TaniaC

    XF 1.5 tabs in node page

    Hi! I have a node page with info and I would like to organize it with tabs… I am a little noob in this and I've tried with some html tabs like these from w3schools but didn't work to well, this code doesn't show any tabs. I was trying to use this: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head>...
  3. BassMan

    Unmaintained [cXF] Multi Coloured Category Nodes 1.0.0

    Customize it to get something like this: See it live on
  4. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Revoking node permission doesn't work

    Goal: To hide a node for a specific user group ("full member" in the case below). Problem: When I revoke the permission to view the node for "full member," "full member" user group can still see the node. Why is that? Thanks.
  5. XFA

    [XFA] Nodes Background Image Customization 2.0.0

    Description Nodes background image customization allows your to set a different background image for each of your nodes. Features Selection per node Background image stretched to fit whole page Background image fixed when page is scrolled Transparent header (Set this option if you want the...
  6. Napalm_beach

    Add-on User selected "hide forum" option

    The purpose of the add-on is to let forum users hide various forum categories and their forums. This is the functionality required: - A user control panel interface in which the user can select which forum categories to hide. The user should also be able to un-hide categories or hide...
  7. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Replace font awesome icon for specific node?

    Hi all, I spent a few hours trying to configure Extra.css, and node_list.css in order to insert an icon instead of the font awesome character. I know the number of that node, but can't figure out the proper way to write the css. Here is the page, and it's the icon beside CHAT ROOM.
  8. Allan

    Unmaintained Minimum Posts in selected nodes for Trophies and Notices criteria - 1.0.0

    This add-on allows you to add an additional criteria: Have a minimum post in nodes selected.
  9. Adam K M

    Adding a custom field to forum nodes.

    Hey guys, I'd like to add a custom field to forum nodes, and pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I've gone through some of xenForo's code but I'm having determining everything. It's managed by the data writer, correct? Some example code for me to go off of as well as...
  10. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained Side By Side Nodes

    Hey everyone, I hear a lot of talk lately about side by side nodes, so here is a resource to get you in the right direction. If you goal is to have an alternate style to your node list or save some space, this is a great way to set your forums up and XenForo is neat enough to allow this to be...
  11. TTI Cosmo

    [Suggestion] Custom Node Types and Fields

    There's a thread kicking around here asking for custom profile nodes, but I think it'd be more useful to have custom NODE fields... In other words, the ability to attach custom fields to any node type (forums, pages, profiles, threads, etc) and be able to call them wherever they're needed. An...