[Suggestion] Custom Node Types and Fields


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There's a thread kicking around here asking for custom profile nodes, but I think it'd be more useful to have custom NODE fields... In other words, the ability to attach custom fields to any node type (forums, pages, profiles, threads, etc) and be able to call them wherever they're needed.

An excellent example of this is the CCK module for the Drupal platform. Anybody who's used this knows it's an absolute must have when building any site.

This could open the door to everything from video libraries to recipe databases and everything else you might want to build into your community.

Please like this post if you want this idea implemented!


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Not 100% sure what you mean, but if I understand it correctly does sound like a good idea IMO :).


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Not 100% sure what you mean, but if I understand it correctly does sound like a good idea IMO :).
I just re-read my post and I think I forgot something important... With custom node fields should also come custom node TYPES as well. I'm having a difficult time articulating exactly what I mean but those of you who've used CCK and Views with Drupal will know exactly what what I'm talking about.

Say I wanted to create a section for people to post what kind of car they drive. I'd need a custom node type called "My Car" and with that node type I'd need fields like make, model, year, accessories, etc.

I could then theme the output of this node to arrange the content and voila, I have a brand new section on my forum.

I suppose it'd be something along the lines of vBadvanced Dynamics as well.

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from http://drupal.org/project/cck
Using CCK, I can create a content type that has exactly the fields I need, no more or less. My Aardvark Review for instance might have:
  • text field (comments on the aardvark)
  • dropdown menu (aardvark color)
  • audio file (recording of the aardvark's grunting)
  • image (photo of aardvark)
Can you show us a good example in a drupal site ?

I want to understand what you want, but I can't picture it in a live site.


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Okay well here's a couple examples from a Drupal site I'm working on...

I needed to build a mechanism to facilitate trades between dealerships, so here's what I did:

  • Inside Drupal I made a new Content Type (Node Type in xF)
  • Using CCK, I added numerous custom fields to this content type to expand beyond the typical Title and Body. (attachment 1)
  • Using some theming, I can then bring all these fields together to create a brand new section of the site (attachment 2)
So basically I'm asking for Custom Node Types and Custom Fields that can be applied to these Node Types.



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Sorry, my screen resolution is very large and the screenshots may be hard to see because of the resizing.


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What are the current Node Types / Fields ?

Correct. It sort of seems like this is what they may have in mind for the future by referring to them as Nodes.

Hell, you could build a basic arcade with this feature too. Add a Node type called Arcade Game, add some fields for title, description and an SWF file and then create a Page node that calls these content types into a display.


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I use a wordpress plugin called magic-fields to do exactly the same thing, it's invaluable. Making custom post types(nodes) with custom fields out of the box would give XenForo a flexibility that cannot be beat. Heck if you did just that alone you could make a custom page to do all CMS functions, databases of files for download, just about anything, and if that's not good enough it would allow you to use the built in functions for node permissions usergroups and users without having to have any type of a bridge what so ever.


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I think I get what you want here, sounds like DTO's Showcase to me... which doesn't appear on their site anymore. :confused: