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It would be nice if we could manage the types & typehandlers via an UI in the ACP and xf would add them to the addon xmlfile just like the templates, phrases,template modifications.......

This would reduce problems like, we wouldn't need to use phpmyadmin or any other sql client for CRUD & debugging while the development and it would reduce the necessary addon install code :D^
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It would be nice if there was an interface under the developer area to manage content types rather than injecting them directly into the database, then making sure you rebuild content type caches manually.

In addition, I think content type fields should have an addon_id... because you can do things with existing content types as part of an addon, but only the content type as a whole is linked to an addon.

For example, I have an alert handler for threads, I have search handlers for users, reports and conversations... but those content types aren't created by the addon, rather they just have addon-specific handlers.

Also, I don't think content types (or their associated fields) are part of the addon import/export process. It would be nice if they were rather than the whole manual database insert/delete.

Chris D

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Until this sort of feature is core (@Mike) I have developed and released this add-on:

I'd love to eventually see content types managed in the ACP as I've created here, but in addition stored and installed via the add-on XML rather than still being added via query. But even this add-on takes some of the pain away from that by creating the SQL code for you. You just have to add them accordingly to your add-on install controller.