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Add-on User selected "hide forum" option

The purpose of the add-on is to let forum users hide various forum categories and their forums. This is the functionality required:

- A user control panel interface in which the user can select which forum categories to hide. The user should also be able to un-hide categories or hide additional categories at any time.

- Hidden forum categories and their child forums should be excluded from the list of forums (displayed on index.php)

- Posts from hidden forums should be excluded from New Posts (displayed on /index.php?find-new/posts)


Project parameters:

The work must be delivered as a fully-compliant Xenforo add-on, which can survive Xenforo upgrades with no changes to the Xenforo code.

I would prefer that you develop on your server, as we do not run FTP on ours. However, we'll set it up for you if necessary.

You are welcome to retain the rights to the work so you can market it to other Xenforo users, if you wish.

We're ready to start now.
Thanks guys, I was about to facepalm but can see how I missed those... I've glanced at the Ignore What's New but got caught thinking it would ignore the whole What's New function. Much obliged.

Someday I'll come up with an idea that requires I hire a developer here. :)