1. PumpinIron

    User complaining about not being able to login at work?

    Okay, I have a user on my forum who tells me that he can view my forum just fine (as a guest) at work, but when he tries to login to my forum he gets the following error message: He tells me that he can login just fine without any error messages from his smart phone or his home computer...
  2. Dan Allen

    XF 1.5 How Does "Stay Logged Work?"

    disregard. It works just fine
  3. kaieivindm

    Is your Forum using Facebook login/registering via Facebook?

    Hi all, I have for a year now on purpose not allowed users to use Facebook to login/register as users. With that, I am now really thinking of allowing that again. So how many of you use this function? And why? I really can't see any benefits besides its quicker to register due to using FB...
  4. teletubbi

    XF 1.5 Login several times

    Some of our users report a strange behavior. They must login up to 5 times till they can stay online. First login is ok, but if you try to call a action like read a post need to login again. Can understand that this is annoying. One of this users is a moderator of our forum. And he have...
  5. R

    Lack of interest 2FA: Separate 'device trusting' for forum and ACP login

    It would be nice if the option 'trust this device for 30 days' would differentiate between the forum login and the ACP login. E.g. many times you just want to have a quick look at the forum, but you always have to enter the 2FA code. There you can use the option to trust the actual device for 30...
  6. ActorMike

    XF 1.4 Login Page Radio Box default to NO

    Is there a way with the URL to default the login page to the account NO using a string in the URL? Example mySite.com - emailMyName I'm trying to find a workaround to the Registration page having the Social Media Login buttons missing. Also, to clarify can a new user create an account using...
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