1. D

    XF 1.4 Having problems with https

    Can be closed :)
  2. Finexes

    Gametracker SSL Proxy 2.0

    NOTE: It seems like Gametracker is now finally supporting SSL. Try to change your Gametracker links to https. If everything works fine, you won't need this resource! Introduction If you display Gametracker banners on your ssl secured site, you may get a warning for mixed content as Gametracker...
  3. Amin Sabet

    mod_pagespeed authorization and mapping for https sites using CDN?

    From: Re: Anyone know how to avoid this when using a CDN and mod_pagespeed with an https site? Here are my origin and mapping settings from pagespeed.conf: ModPagespeedDomain
  4. ElgrandOC

    Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

    I use cloudflare to provide basic SSL cover for my website. At the moment, I have set up to work through the cloudflare service to give me Now, if you click both of the above links, you will see my problem. I have changed the settings...
  5. Amin Sabet

    XF 1.5 Cloudflare SSL issues

    I just changed over all 6 of my XenForo forums to https. I am using the XenForo link proxy and the @digitalpoint image proxy. I have a valid GeoTrust Rapid SSL certificate on my server for each one of the sites, and all showed the green lock in Chrome prior to setting up CloudFlare. Yesterday...
  6. Amin Sabet

    XF 1.5 Attachments showing as non-secure after change to https

    I just changed over my sites to https and noticed that most pages are showing as having non-secure contents with that popup in older IE versions that so many still use. Here is one such page: Unless I'm mistaken, the only non-secure content on that...
  7. BassMan

    Change forum rss link from https to http

    Hi, I would like to change forum rss link from https to http. I redirect all my links to https, but would like to exclude this one. Example: from this: to this: Is there any way to do it? Thank...
  8. GazCBG

    XF 1.4 https site, but rss has images with come from http, causing issues

    Hi, I have setup an SSL cert (https) today, but noticed when viewing the https side, the padlock is not always displaying. I belive this to be due to the RSS feeds I have setup as they have images in them which are being servered from http links. So as my site is using https, and the rss feed...
  9. DeltaHF

    XF 1.4 Trouble loading resources via SSL

    Since applying the 1.4.10 patch (I think - I have since completed the full upgrade to 1.4.10), my XenForo install has had intermittent difficulty connecting to external sites and services running SSL. The problem manifests in a few ways: 1.) My Server Error Logs are full of these messages. Note...
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